Smarter bed probing

The problem Using a probe to measure where the print surface is, and to compensate for imperfections is handy. But often the probe isn’t probing the actual position the printer is going to use, and because of that there might still be a valley between two probing points, depending on how many points you have […]


High ampere power monitoring

If you want to monitor an electric car charging, it can be difficult to find some all-in-one devices to suit your needs. Luckily that does not mean they don’t exist, they just require a bit more work before they are ready to use. After putting the work in, you are rewarded with a more flexible […]

iDRAC6 No Active LOM fix

After upgrading bios and firmware on my Dell R610 server, iDRAC6 stopped working. Accessing the menu by pressing CTRL-E on boot, was giving me “No Active LOM”, which is indicating it being unable to bind to any of the ports. After searching a bit on google, I found this to be a known problem, with […]

Using Unraid and Quick Sync to transcode in Plex

Intro Using Plex to stream videos to different devices is very convenient and easy to use. In the background however, there is a lot going on. Different devices require different formats, and the video file you already got might be in a format that specific device can’t play, or maybe the bandwidth is too low […]

Automated controller cabinet fan

Version This contain some functions added in the following version, make sure you are on this or newer. Firmware: RepRapFirmware for STM32F4 based Boards 3.3RC2+1_1 (2021-05-13) Intro On my previous printers I always had as many things as possible automated. Fan on the extruder for when the hotend was over a certain temperature, fan to […]