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iDRAC6 No Active LOM fix

After upgrading bios and firmware on my Dell R610 server, iDRAC6 stopped working.

Accessing the menu by pressing CTRL-E on boot, was giving me “No Active LOM”, which is indicating it being unable to bind to any of the ports.

After searching a bit on google, I found this to be a known problem, with some solutions already posted. Some of those solutions seemed a bit complicated, so I tried to see if I could simplify it, and in my case it worked, and here is how I did it.

First we need something to boot from. I only got a 32GB usb stick, but almost any size will do as only 2,58 MB is needed.

Then download Rufus, and in Boot selection select FreeDOS, check the usb stick you want to use, is selected under Device. Then press START.

We now got a bootable usb stick with FreeDOS, now we just need some tools to help us with the configuration.

Download the Bcom_LAN_14.2.x_DOSUtilities_A03.exe file from Dell’s website and unpack it.

Inside the Bcom_LAN_14.2.x_DOSUtilities_A03\Userdiag\NetXtremeII folder you will find uxdiag.exe. Make a folder called idrac on the usb stick and copy uxdiag.exe into that folder.

Remove the usb stick from your computer, and put it into the R610 and reboot it. During boot press F11 to get into boot select and chose to boot from the usb stick.

After booted into FreeDOS, type cd idrac to go into the folder with the network tool in, and type in uxdiag -t abcd -mfw 1 this will run for a few seconds and list the network devices found. After the tool completes, restart the server and press CTRL-E when prompted on boot, now iDRAC should be set to LOM1.

If this didn’t work for you, try some of the more complicated guides found on Google, they might do something I didn’t need to do to get mine working.



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